Lawn Service

We are a one stop service for all of your lawn care needs. We install new lawns, replace or rejuvenate old lawns and we maintain lawns.

Our lawn maintenance service includes; cutting the lawn at the proper height, edging driveways, sidewalks, flowerbed edges, trimming ditches and blowing grass clippings back into the lawn.


We offer a complete year around landscape service; consisting of landscape design, installation of new landscapes, landscape makeovers and monthly landscape maintenance.


We provide an excellent alternative to concrete or wood. We are skilled in the craft of designing and installing paver walkways, patios, steps and retaining walls.

Pressure Washing / Staining

Knowing when or when not to use high pressure, knowing what direction to spray, knowing what product to use on what surface, these are they keys to a successful pressure washing project. This knowledge comes from training, but it’s perfected through experience.

Fall/Winter Clean-ups

A Fall/Winter clean-up consists of everything from leaf removal, limb debris pick up, gutter cleaning, meadow bush hogging or end of year landscaping. While the vegetation is dormant, it presents the perfect opportunity to transform that wooded area into a usable outdoor space.

Snow Removal​

We’re equipped with the necessary equipment to clean sidewalks, plow driveways, plow parking lots or even dig you out of a blizzard. We offer a variety of snow/ice melt solutions.

We proudly serve Maryland’s eastern shore, including Talbot, Dorchester, Caroline, Queen Anne’s county, and more.