"Their works are in the hand of God" Eccl. 9:1

About Us

As far back as we could trace our family history, our ancestors have been involved in some kind of agricultural work, from farming to landscaping. We have personally been doing landscaping and lawn care work for over 30 years, We have over 20 years of experience in estate management and caretaking. As part of estate management, we have been pressure washing the homes and caring for the vehicles associated with the properties. We are here to meet all of your landscaping needs from a quarter acre lot to a hundred plus acre estate, as well as offer care for your homes and vehicles.

Having placed our faith in God, we have set out to now run Brummell Does, LLC which is a two part business consisting of landscaping and lawn care on one side and pressure washing and mobile detailing on the other side. Guy heads the pressure washing and mobile detailing department, while Joe heads the landscaping and lawn care department.

If you are interested in working for us please fill out our application form.