Fall and Winter Clean-ups

How we help

Fall and winter are the perfect seasons for yard clean-up. Many people consider these seasons great times to relax and ignore their lawns and gardens, however clearing unwanted plants and trimming takes less work and time in the winter when vegetation is dormant. This can save you money and time. These are also great seasons for stump grinding and heavy pruning. We offer a range of fall and winter clean-up services, including leaf, debris, and fallen tree clean-up.

Fall and Winter are also the perfect seasons to reclaim or claim that overgrown part of your lawn that has been not so attractive for years. We have the expertise to make that area into an outdoor living area, for sitting, entertaining, walking trails, setting up games, outdoor gym or another nature experience you may have in mind. We are able to do this with minimal removal or in some cases no removal of existing trees, clearing the ground floor of all the unwanted invasive and sometimes poisonous weeds that attack and cause tree health to struggle, all at the same time making this an area you will love finding ways to spend more time enjoying.

Your lawn care also continues year-round. Fall is a great time to plant, aerate, seed, and fertilize your lawn to ensure it comes back healthy and lush in the spring. Our annual lawn care plans can help ensure that your lawn is its healthiest in every stage of life and every season of the year. Build lawn services into your plan for a beautiful yard.

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