Pressure Washing/Staining

Pressure washing and staining services

Professional pressure washing and staining is a worthy investment. Although pressure plays a role in pressure washing, so do the correct cleaning products and timing. When it comes to staining wood or siding, using the correct product ensures that you will get the most life—and the most beauty—out of your project. Cleaning agents and protection coating are used both for beautification and for longevity.

Cleaning outdoor surfaces requires special attention to detail. Surfaces such as PVC fences depending on condition can be cleaned without a solution, with the pressure of the water alone, that is unless it’s stained then the entire surface would have to be cleaned with a solution to give the best chance of a consistent finish. Pressure should never be used on painted surfaces, unless they are being prepped to be repainted. Paint should only be cleaned with solution and low pressure only. 

Yes, it takes more time and the steps sometimes have to be repeated two to three times, but there is only one way to do a project and that’s the correct way. Vinyl siding should be treated and pressure washed every one to two years, it keeps it clean, reduces oxidation and extends the color life of the siding.

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