Hardscaping design for any project

Hardscaping is the foundation for landscaping and lawn. For hundreds of years, hardscaping has been popular across the globe. Early examples include stacked stone fences. Over time, the practice has evolved. Now, cement or stones can replace wood. Having a stone patio instead of a wood deck, for example, saves you time because stone does not require annual washing and staining like wood does. Hardscaping is all around us and creates pleasing definition to your yard. In addition to patios, fences and walkways, we can build retaining walls, flower bed borders, and more.

Retaining walls or knee walls are great for attractive outdoor living areas and seating. They also serve a greater purpose of controlling problem areas of sediment runoff while also providing you with something decorative and long lasting to enjoy while preserving your land. For families who enjoy flowerbeds and trees, but like to keep things in it’s designated places, flowerbed boarders are a great way to keep everything contained in the landscape that belongs in there, while also providing a decorative separation from the lawn, walkway or other areas. 

We also offer the option of using landscape stones in place of mulch as ground cover for your flowerbeds, it’s gorgeous and long lasting. For those who like to enjoy their outdoors in the Fall and Winter, we also offer firepits, there’s nothing like walking out of your own back door, having a mini campfire, then returning to the warm and comfort of the indoors.

Work Samples